Bachelor's Degree Program

About Asia Europe Business School

Co-founded by East China Normal University (top 15 universities in Mainland China) and emlyon business school (No.2  business school in France, top 20 in Europe), located in Shanghai, the  most vibrant international metropolis, Asia Europe Business School is  the unique business school that crafts cross-disciplinary talents. Asia  Europe Business School has the ambition to build the future global  business leaders and ambassadors of the Belt and Road, combining Eastern  and Western wisdom, best management practices, and a high level of  social responsibility.

Developed to train global entrepreneurs, AEBS will combine the excellence of East China Normal University in the humanities and social sciences with emlyon business school’s  excellence in entrepreneurial management and innovation. By 2020, the  school isexpected to have students in various programs: bachelor,  master, MBA, Ph.D,etc.

Overview of ECNU and emlyon business school

Program Objectives

This program aims at cultivating future entrepreneurs by infusing them with strong knowledge of both natural and social sciences, global vision and a sense of social responsibility. The program attaches high importance on developing students’ innovation and entrepreneurial abilities, as well as enhancing their employability in the global business environment.

Program Development

Double Degree Global BBA is a bachelor’s program of the Asia Europe Business School. Students come from world widely, such as China (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), the United States, France, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Morocco, Costa Rica, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Distinctive Features

•    Double degree from one leading Chinese university and one top French business school

•    Four years of global experience: with an enriching and vibrant experience in China and France

•    Double language competency in speaking fluent Chinese and English, and some French, will give you a distinctive edge

•    Triple international accreditation by AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA (top 1% of world business schools)

•    A range of specializations: marketing & brand management, entrepreneurship, innovation & leadership (HRM), operations & supply chain management, finance & accounting, and more... giving early insight into career prospects and postgraduate education

•    Teaching innovation in digital and blended learning, project-based learning

•    High employability: totally 11 months for internship in China, France, and other countries

Program at a glance (for international students)


4 Years (full-time)


All major courses are taught in English, with additional Chinese and French language courses from begining

Teaching approach

Combining courses, tutored projects, periods in companies and overseas


2 years in Shanghai, China

2 years in emlyon business school (France)

 (if academic requirements achieved)

Double degree

. Bachelor Degree of Management

   - East China Normal University (China)

. Global BBA degree 

   - emlyon business school (France)

Start of program

Early September

Application deadline**

June 30th

Application  fee


Tuition  fee***

. Shanghai Campus: CNY24,000 / year (4 years)

. French Campus: EUR12,500 / year (2 years)

*Chinese language skills are not required for enrollment, but the HSK 4 certificate is a precondition for receiving the Chinese degree

**Interviews will be arranged once a month from January; early application is encouraged because the number of program participants is limited

***Subject to modification

Further Education

After complete this program and obtained degrees, students can be preferred for enrollment into master’s programs offered by emlyon business school or apply the world - class universities for further study.

Career development

AEBS’s   Career Development Center (CDC) provides personalized consulting and   placement assistance, powered by its strong relationship with local and   multinational companies, and through its powerful alumni network.  Highly  valuable service includes: career mentors, career coaching,  career  consulting day, company visits, summer internship programs,  employer  presentations, job postings.

Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can utilize their global perspective, sound professional knowledge, exceptional international communication skills, and Chinese, English and French linguistic competitiveness, to enter management positions in multinational companies and foreign companies, and work in management positions in governmental agencies and public institutions.
• Encourage entrepreneurs' children to success their parents' career and apply what they have learned into practice, thus pushing forward business reform and transformation and enhancing business  competitiveness.
• Passionate students and alumni that have mature ideas and necessary qualifications, shall be supported to start their own businesses. AEBS shall support and help incubate such startups by learning from emlyon's experience.

Students Testimonials


BBA 2019, Spanish

I joined the AEBS BBA program of EMLYON x ECNU in September of 2019. If I say I was always a 100% sure about my decision I would be lying, before moving to China I was very nervous because it would be a huge change in my life.

However when the classes started and I got to meet all my classmates and teachers, I saw there was nothing to be worried about. From the very first moment I felt very welcome here, I felt that I was in the right place and that I had made the right decision.

Since I moved to Shanghai my Chinese has improved a lot, to a level I would have never imagined I would reach, thanks to the course provided by the university. We also have a variety of different courses in which we learn theory as well as how to apply this theory in real life scenarios.

It is also worth mentioning that in some courses we are mixed with Chinese students. I am very glad about this because now I also have local friends that show me places I have never heard about!

Finally I can only state, that it has been a very big opportunity for me and that I feel very lucky to be here.


BBA 2019, Ecuadorian

My name is Fabiana. I’m freshman in AEBS. I chose this program because of the international exposure you can get. In the class we meet students for many countries. This is an enrichment place that combines with classes show us the best of Eastern and Western culture. It is also because this happens in Shanghai that is a vibrant metrópoli full of opportunities. You will really learn how business are in China.

Charaf-Eddine JALIL

BBA 2019, Moroccan

Coming from Morocco, I thought that I will find myself alone but AEBS helped us to grow a family and that’s how study’s become more entertaining, the BBA program is good the teachers are professional and the staff is just awesome I am happy with my experience here.

Tia Baliki MUKENGE

BBA 2019, South African

This double degree program has thought me many things that I didn’t know before. It pushes you to take control and progress. Although with the unfortunate circumstances that are happening, we are still able to learn and enjoy our classes at long distance.

A lot of our work is done in groups, which teaches us how to work with different people and get the work done efficiently.

Leonardo PRAYOGO

BBA 2018,Indonesian

I am enjoying my bachelor’s study in AEBS.

The school has become the place for me to meet people. Not just peers, but also professionals and especially entrepreneurs who is willing to share their rich experience.

AEBS has undoubtedly made me a better presenter too. It has provided me with dozens of opportunities to pitch my ideas live. The journey has definitely helped me found my confidence and importantly, groomed me to be an entrepreneur.

Wenhau WEN

BBA 2018, Malaysian

Studying Bachelor in Business Administration in Asia Europe Business School was truly a unique experience for me.

As a student that who is interested in starting their own business, AEBS provides lots of support and useful knowledge in my learning journey including project mentor.

Other than that, by studying in the 2nd largest city in china I get to expose to the real business world and it was truly a memorable experience for me.

Entry Requirements

|  Academic:High School Diploma with transcripts

|  English: IELTS 6.0/TOEFL ibt minimum 85 or quivalent

|  Others: A face-to-face or skype interview is required

*  Native English Speakers and English-Taught High School graduates may exempted from the English language certificate.

How to Apply


Complete AEBS application form. (please contact Cindy Zhang by for the form)


Email application supported documents together with the application form.

a) Resume/CV

b) Personal statement and study plan (maximum 2 pages)

c) Official diploma or degree* (graduating students should provide an official proof of graduation for the time being, and present the official diploma or degree by September 1.)

d) Official transcript related*

e) A prepared personal presentation (E-portfolio) in a creative digital format

f) English tests* for non-native English speaking students: TOEFL iBT or IELTS

g) A passport photo

h) Photo copy of passport

i) Proof of remittance of application fee: 800RMB


A face-to-face interview or a Skype interview will be arranged after application finished.

*Early application to reserve a place with a Conditional Offer is acceptable. Official diploma or degree, transcript and English test report could be submitted later before September 1.

Admission Timetable


Application Deadline

Interview Date*

Session 1

December 31, 2019

January 6, 8, 2020

Session 2

February 29, 2020

March 6, 2020

Session 3

March 31, 2020

April 10,13, 2020

Session 4

April 30, 2020

May 8, 2020

Session 5

May 31, 2020

June 5, 2020

Session 6

June 30, 2020

July 10, 2020

(*subject to change)

Note: early applications are encouraged, as offers of admission and scholarship will be made on a first-come basis to qualified candidates.

Download the Program Brochure

ECNU-AEBS-BBA Program Brochure.pdf

For further information, please contact:


Head of International Recruitment,AEBS of ECNU

Tel:(+86-21)62231012 (Cindy Zhang)


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